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Who is running the site?

Octopus is a marketplace initiated and run by Spectre Assets AS. Our goal is to list second hand equipment for professionals working with stage, rental, artists, corporate events etc. We would like for you and your company to both be able to sell and buy equipment through the Octopus marketplace. It's good for the wallet - and it's good for the environment!


This webside was first released in April 2022. We add features and update functions continuously, and we are eager to receive your feedback and thoughts on how to further develop Octopus.


Octopus' main guy is Frode, and he’s here to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions. Frode can tell you more about Octopus - and even give you a guided tour through a videocall.



Frode Eggum Have

(+47) 936 90 236




These frequently asked questions are a work in progress. We’ll post answers here as soon as we get more questions from our users.

General questions

For buyers

For sellers




General questions

I want to register

Please go ahead to sign up and fill in your information. We will verify that we have all the information needed before accepting your registration - this may take some time so please be patient.


What is the difference between Private, Buyer/Seller and Broker?
All users have a Private account, but users that are registered to a company will also have the option to act on behalf of the company.

  • A private user is for individuals wanting to buy and/or sell products though Octopus. This type of account is not associated with a company and is in terms much simpler. This is your personal user.
  • A buyer / seller is a company that wants to buy and/or sell products thought this platform. As long as you have a VAT-number/TAX-ID this is the correct type of account to register.
  • A broker is a person or firm who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed.

How do I change user?

To change between accounts:

  1. Click the “hamburger” menu icon in the top right of the page.
  2. Click [Switch to another account].
  3. Select the account you want to use.


All prices are listed EX VAT and EX WORKS unless specified.



Ads in Octopus can be displayed in a variety of currencies. You can select your preferred currency from the filter menu when browsing ads. If you have a registered account you can also set a default currency from the [Menu] > [Profile Settings].

Every day at noon and midnight Octopus will send a request to Exchange Rates Data API (APILayer) to receive the current exchange rate in response.


For buyers

I want to buy a product

To place an order, you first need to register a user. Upon registration you have to log in, browse to the ad/product you want to buy and click [Create order]. A pop-up window will appear where you can select to buy individually or buy all (differs from single/packaged products). Select your delivery date and add a message to the seller. Once the order is created the seller will receive an e-mail and get in touch with you!


The seller is not responding?

Please leave some time for the seller to reply back to you, but do not hesitate to contact Octopus if you patience is running out, and we’ll get in touch with the seller asap. Our contact information is found on the top of this page.


The seller canceled the order?

There is probably a logical explanation for this. Try contacting the seller directly to find out what happened - and if all fails, please contact Octopus. Our contact information is found on the top of this page.



For sellers

How much does it cost to post ads on Octopus?

You can post as many ads as you like - free of charge! However, Octopus charge a commission fee for each complete order. You can find the commission rates in our terms & conditions.


I want to sell a product, how do I create an ad?

Assuming you already have an account either as a Private user or a Buyer/Seller company you can just hit the [+] icon in the top right on the screen or choose [Company Ads] from the menu. Follow the steps on-screen and you will end up with a preview of the ad. From here you can either go [Back to edit], [Save] and edit later or choose [Publish]. Once you click [Publish] the ad will be sent to Octopus for inspection.

Please provide as much information as possible - this will help the buyer to get all the info needed, and you as a seller will encounter less questions!


Why are my ads "On Review"?

To unify the way products are listed and simplify filtering we have added a quality control before publishing your ads. One of our admins will check your ad and publish it unless he/she finds something odd. We want your ads to shine as bright as possible!


Can I import/export my inventory to Octopus?

Yes you can! You can both import/export your inventory to/from Octopus using classic Excel files (xlsx). Please contact us and we'll provide you with a template file. You can easily convert a CSV-file to Excel if your ERP/CRM software only support CSV files.


What happens if someone order my products?

You receive an e-mail from Octopus with all the information needed to get in touch with the buyer. If you have several users associated with your company you can [Assign] an order to one of your company users. If you wish to cancel the order you must provide a reason for the cancelation.

Once you’ve sealed the deal with the buyer you must set the order status to [Complete].